Understand My Bill

  1. Message Center: Don’t forget to check this area for important announcements about your account, billing services and co-op events.
  2. Charts: Compare your energy use to previous months to help you manage your electricity use.
  3. Rates: Your co-op is a member-regulated electric utility. Rates are authorized by the co-op’s board of directors. Rate schedules, explanation of rates and special charges are available upon request. Rates are identified as RES1 (Single-phase Residential), GEN1 (Single-phase general service), GEN3 (Three-phase general service or commercial), LP (Large Power), LPMO (Mining), or 900-Series (Large Power/Industrial). –See the Rates and Charges page of this website for specific rates.
  4. Kilowatt Usage: The amount of electricity used at your service location, measured in KWH or kilowatt-hours.
  5. Energy Charge: Itemized charge for the kilowatt (kwh) usage at your service location.
  6. PSCR: The Power Supply Cost Recovery factor is a mechanism used to adjust your bill for either increases or decreases in the cost of our purchased power.
  7. Facility Charge: A set monthly fee charged per meter that helps recover the fixed costs for the generation, transmission, and delivery of electricity.
  8. MI Energy Optimization: State mandated surcharge used to fund energy efficiency programs available to co-op members.
  9. Due Date and Amount: Your payment is due by the date printed on your bill. Enroll in Auto Pay and have your payment deducted from your savings/checking account or charged to your credit/debit card on the due date.
  10. Payment Stub: Detach and return this portion of the bill with each payment whether in person or by mail to ensure payments are applied to your account accurately. Members may write-in their payment amount in the Amount Paid space provided. Be sure the amount paid noted on the payment stub matches your written check amount.

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