Understand My Bill

Cloverland’s new bills were first issued on October 15, 2018. Review the image below to see highlights of notable changes: (View in PDF format)

Charge Details

Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR): A fuel-cost adjustment factor used by utilities to reconcile for fluctuations in purchased power costs.

Facility: A set monthly fee to help recover the fixed costs required to generate, transmit and deliver electricity including poles, wires, substations, property taxes, etc.

Energy Optimization (EO): A surcharge mandated by Michigan Public Act 295 of 2008 to fund energy efficiency incentive-based residential and commercial programs.

Demand: A charge based on the maximum power requirement recorded by the meter over a specified time frame during the billing period. Applicable to LP and 900-series rates.


Your co-op is a member-regulated electric utility. Rates are authorized by the co-op’s board of directors. Rate schedules, explanation of rates and special charges are available upon request or can be viewed online: click here.

Rate Codes: RES1 (Residential), GEN1 (General Service),GEN3 (Commercial), LP (Large Power/Commercial), LPMO (Mining), 900-Series (Large Power/Industrial).

Billing Cycle

The co-op has five billing cycles, therefore five different billing dates and due dates. Billing dates and due dates are not on the exact same day each month, but dates are fairly consistent and will be close to the same dates or timeframes each billing period. Billing dates and due dates can and do fluctuate by a day or two, and that variation is because we never ask your bill to be due on a holiday, weekend or on a day the co-op is closed.

Unhappy with your due date? Although you cannot choose your specific due date, you may request a bill cycle change that could make your due date more convenient for you.  Bill cycle changes can be made by request and are free of charge.

Invoice Bill

An invoice bill is for members with multiple electric accounts, which consolidates their electric accounts into one convenient bill. Consolidating bills eliminates the mailing of multiple bills and reduces the co-op’s mailing costs. Requesting a change to invoice billing, also means all accounts that appear on the invoice will be in the same billing cycle with the same due date.

Click here to view description of an invoice bill.

Would you rather have an invoice bill? If you have multiple electric accounts and multiple bills are being mailed separately to the same address, and you would rather have one consolidated bill, call us to switch today. Tired of multiple bills and multiple due dates? Switching to an invoice bill is easy and free of charge, just give us a call! *Invoice billing may not be ideal for apartment complexes or rental properties.

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