Unclaimed Money

Each year, many capital credit checks are returned to the cooperative by the postal service. If you or someone you know has had electric service with Cloverland Electric Cooperative and then moved out of the area, you or the former member could be entitled to a capital credit check. This is one of the many reasons why we encourage members to keep their contact information current.

We make every effort to locate members entitled to a capital credit check using all available resources, however, many capital credit refunds still go unclaimed. If you have moved or plan to move out of our service area, please make sure we have your new address and contact information on file. It may take several years to fully retire and disburse the capital credits allocated to a member’s account. The co-op permanently retains any unclaimed refunds after five years.

The capital credits of a deceased member may be paid at a discount to the estate without waiting for a general retirement. However, these estate payments are not automatic. An estate representative must request the credits by submitting a certification of entitlement form and a copy of the death certificate.

Capital credits remain on record in a member’s account even if the account is inactive and the member has moved out of the service area. The credits must remain in the member’s account until the scheduled retirement year, at which time; the credit will be refunded to the member.

Current and past members can update their contact information or inquire about an unclaimed capital credit check by calling our member services department at 800-562-4953. Members can also conveniently update their account information online at any time.

Unclaimed Capital Credits Directory

To search a list of members by last name with unclaimed capital credits, select the appropriate directory below. Businesses and organizations may also be listed.

To claim a capital credit check, follow the instructions on the claim form.

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