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Thank you for contacting Cloverland Electric Cooperative (CEC) with your request for a new or upgraded electric service. Once you complete the residential service application, a staking technician will contact you to visit your site and prepare a cost estimate based upon preferred design(s) we establish with you.

All new power line installations require an easement signed by all affected property owners. We will prepare the easement documents, but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure these documents are signed and returned to us for recording. CEC cannot guarantee the return of easements and/or procurement of route. CEC is not responsible for premature installation of member-installed facilities or tree clearing without receipt of approved easements or permitting. CEC is also not responsible for damages resulting from member’s failure to accurately mark existing or proposed facilities on the property.

Residential Service Application

Cloverland Electric Cooperative is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

The Cloverland logo is copyright protected and not to be used without approval from Cloverland Electric Co-op.

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