Reduce your mailbox clutter by eliminating your paper bill and start receiving your billing statements exclusively by email. Paperless billing is a free, optional billing service for members who prefer to pay their bills online. Making the switch is as easy as three clicks.

To eliminate your paper bill, access SmartHUB and go to the My Profile section of the main menu. Select the Update My Printed Bill Settings option and locate the Printed Bill Status column. Toggle your bill status from ON to OFF. You will prompted to confirm if you want to stop getting printed bills by mail. After reading the summary for going “paperless,” select YES if you agree. A confirmation box will appear and your Printed Bill Status column will have changed to OFF, signifying you will no longer get a printed bill mailed to you. You can change your printed bill status at any time if you change your mind. Cloverland members who choose paperless billing will be notified by email each month when their bill is ready to view on SmartHub.

By choosing this option, you save money and the environment, too, because it reduces printing and mailing expenses, which helps keep electric rates stable and affordable. Here are more tips for using this service:

  • Use an email account that you check frequently.
  • Adjust email spam filtering and junk mail features to ensure bill statements are delivered to your email without delay.
  • Update your SmartHub account immediately if you change your email address.
  • Make sure you read and understand the paperless agreement.
  • You can always switch back to a mailed bill via your SmartHub account at any time.

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