Electrical Inspectors

An electrical inspector must approve your new service or service upgrade. If you are completing the work yourself, it is up to you to schedule the inspection; otherwise, the electrical contractor will do it for you. Once your service is approved, the electrical inspector will notify our member services department and provide us with an official release.

State Inspectors

Alger, Schoolcraft, Luce, Chippewa and Mackinac Counties:

Brandon Ingersoll  (906) 295-1335

Ben Bourque  (906) 241-3424

Responsible for all services in Chippewa, Mackinac and Luce Counties Except for those townships with local inspectors (see list below). Also responsible for state buildings in Alger and Schoolcraft counties.

Delta County

Brandon Ingersoll  (906) 295-1335

Local Inspectors

DeTour Township, Clark Township and DeTour Village

Fred Bryner (906) 484-4554
Garfield, Newton and Hudson Townships
Daniel Dismuke (919) 353-8156
Hendricks Township
Currently covered by state inspectors.
Alger and Schoolcraft Counties
Mike Rozeck (906) 249-5106

Instructions for Requesting Electrical Permit Online with State of MI:


State of MI Electrical Permit Printed Application:




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