Electric Service Credits

Recently, there has been some communications surrounding the topic of electric outage service credits. The purpose of this letter is to address the last two wind events and whether outage service credits apply.

Even though Cloverland Electric Cooperative is member-regulated, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) continues to have oversight on matters of electric service quality and reliability standards. All Michigan electric utilities are held accountable to these same standards as outlined in the Michigan Administration Code (R 460.744-R 460.746).

It is true that members may be eligible for an outage service credit under certain conditions. For service interruptions caused by catastrophic conditions, as was the case in the two most recent events, a member would be eligible to receive a credit if the member reported the service interruption and power was not restored within 120 hours. In the case of both events, service to our members was restored within the required time frame and therefore credits do not apply.

We recognize and understand the disruption it causes when the power goes out. Our goal is to keep the lights on 24/7, but sometimes it is out of our control. When weather related events occur, our employees do whatever it takes to get power restored safely and as soon as possible.

In less than 30 days, we had two significant wind events that caused widespread outages across our service area and extensive damage—downed lines, broken poles and trees on lines. From the line crews in the field to our employees behind the scenes, who answered outage calls, dispatched crews and communicated updates, our employees worked many long, difficult hours restoring power. A special thank you to them, and to you, our members, for your patience and understanding. We also want to extend our appreciation to police, fire and emergency personnel who helped keep our communities safe and supported our efforts.

Aaron Wallin, Interim President and CEO