Co-op Prepares for Engineers Day at the Soo Locks Park

As the Sault Ste. Marie community plans for Engineers Day June 28, we are preparing for a different role with this event this year. Although the Hydroelectric Plant Open House was canceled earlier this year, we will hold Power Town electricity safety demonstrations inside the gates at the Soo Locks Park. Learn how to act responsibly by safely navigating situations with electrical lines and substations. It also shows the effects of trees near power lines and the dangers of vehicles around downed power lines. Several electrical contact scenarios are demonstrated including an antenna, flagpole, kite, tree, underground digging and farm equipment.

“Our goal with ‘Power Town’ is to create a basic understanding of Cloverland’s electrical distribution system and to provide information on how to stay safe around all power lines, says Jim Wilson, Cloverland’s Director of Safety.

The “stay safe around electricity” message make a strong point with the display that even shows electricity arcing with an actual flash.

“The arcing that is created with the display causes the most reactions,” says Wilson. “Although this is a very small-scale display in a controlled environment, when people hear or see an electrical arc of any size, you get a reaction that provides the opportunity to not only explain the hazards associated with electricity, but also to allow the spectators to actually visibly observe the hazards.”

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