Cloverland Electric and Heritage Wind Farm in Garden, MI

Some confusing information is circulating about Cloverland Electric’s association with the Heritage Wind Farm and solar facility in the Garden Peninsula.  This is the text of the letter to the editor of the Pioneer Tribune from Cloverland’s President and CEO Dan Dasho on this matter. 

September 28, 2017

Dear Pioneer Tribune Editor:

Cloverland Electric has recently received several emails and phone calls from Garden area residents voicing their concerns about the proposed Heritage Wind farm activities.
Heritage is a member of Cloverland Electric Cooperative and purchases power from us for their sites just like any other business in the eastern UP.
Cloverland does not purchase or transmit the power generated from the wind turbines and solar facility.  Heritage owns the electric lines that move the power to the American Transmission Company’s transmission grid. The power is sold to utilities in the lower peninsula.
Cloverland has had a meeting with Heritage about this second phase of the Garden Peninsula project.  The meeting did not provide any specific details of phase II.  Again, Cloverland will not be purchasing power from it.

Daniel M. Dasho
Cloverland President and CEO
Dafter, MI