Board Meeting Minutes

Meetings are usually held the fourth Tuesday of the month subject to change around holidays. Meetings are open to the public. The board reserves time at the beginning of each meeting for members who wish to address the board. Members who wish to present an item for board consideration at a particular meeting may submit their request for time by clicking on this member comment request form or by calling 906-632-5143.

November, 12, 2018.pdf

October 23, 2018.pdf

September 25, 2018.pdf

August 28, 2018.pdf

August 8, 2018.pdf

July 23, 2018.pdf

June 19, 2018.pdf

June 16, 2018 Special Meeting.pdf

May 22, 2018.pdf

April 24, 2018.pdf

March 27, 2018.pdf

February meeting canceled due to bad weather

January 19, 2018.pdf

December 20, 2017.pdf

November 13, 2017.pdf

October 20, 2017.pdf

September 22, 2017

August 18, 2017.pdf

July 21, 2017.pdf

June 23, 2017.pdf

May 19, 2017.pdf

April 21, 2017.pdf

March 24, 2017.pdf

February 23,2017.pdf

January 27, 2017.pdf

December 19, 2016.pdf

November 18, 2016.pdf

October 24, 2016 special board meeting.pdf

October 21, 2016 regular board meeting.pdf

September 26, 2016.pdf

September 23, 2016.pdf

August 19, 2016.pdf

July 19, 2016.pdf

July 5 (Postponed June Meeting), 2016

May 20, 2016









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