Payment Assistance

The following home heating assistance programs are effective for the 2017–18 heating season. Program specifications and requirements are updated each Fall. Please check this page annually for program updates.

Home Heating Credit   

Apply for a Home Heating Credit (HHC) for the 2017 tax year to help pay winter heating bills if you meet the listed household income guidelines and exemptions. The average HHC for the previous tax year was approximately $171.00.

Forms are generally available mid-to late-January. Call the Dept. of Treasury at 517-636-4486, or visit Some local agencies or utility companies may provide assistance in completing the form. Forms are due no later than Sept. 30.

Earned Income Credit      

The Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a refundable federal income tax credit for low-income working individuals and families who meet certain requirements and file a tax return. Those who qualify will owe less in taxes and may get a refund. Even a person who does not generally owe income tax may qualify for the EIC, but must file a tax return to do so. If married, you must file jointly to qualify. File Form 1040 or 1040A and attach the EIC.

You may claim a Michigan earned income tax credit for tax year 2017 equal to a percentage of the federal earned income tax credit for which the taxpayer is eligible, if any. Visit the website at for details.

Emergency Relief Program

You do not have to be a DHHS client to apply for help with a past due bill, shutoff notice or the need for deliverable fuel through the SER. This program, available Nov. 1–May 31, provides most of its utility assistance during this crisis season. However, limited assistance is available outside the crisis season. If you receive a DHHS cash grant, you may vendor part of it towards heat and electric bills. Contact your local DHHS caseworker for information or call the Home Heating Hotline, 855-275-6424. Visit for more information. 

Low-Income Home Weatherization 

You may be able to receive help with weatherizing your home to reduce energy use if you meet low-income eligibility guidelines (200% of poverty guidelines shown above) and funding is available. Weatherization may include caulking, weather stripping, and insulation. Contact your local Community Action Agency for details.

United Way

2-1-1 is a one-stop, around-the-clock free phone service that links people with information or agencies that can help with utility assistance and other needs such as rent payment help, child and elder care, emergency shelters, job training, counseling, etc.

Medical Emergency Protection

You are protected from service shut-off for nonpayment of your electric bill for up to 21 days if you or a member of your household have a proven medical emergency. You must provide written proof from a doctor or public health official identifying the emergency and the period of time that a shut off will make the condition worse. The emergency period can be extended and shutoff postponed for a total of 63 days in any 12-month period.

Shut-off Protection for Active Duty Military  

If you or your spouse is the Cloverland member of record and either of you are called to full-time active military service, you may apply for shut-off protection for your electric service for up to 90 days. You may request extensions. You must still pay for services used, but contact Cloverland Electric and we can help you set up a payment plan to be paid within 12 months.

MI Veterans Trust Fund Emergency Grant  

The Trust Fund provides temporary assistance to veterans and their families facing a financial emergency or hardship including the need for energy assistance. For more information call the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund at (517) 284-5299 or visit

MI Energy Assistance Program

Agency assistance through MEAP includes services that will enable participants to become self-sufficient, including assisting participants in paying their energy bills on time, budgeting for and contributing to their ability to provide for energy expenses, and assisting participants in being energy efficient.

Dial 211 for more information on heating and other human services programs.


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