Auto Pay

Enroll in Auto Pay and choose to conveniently have your bill payment automatically deducted from your bank account or charged to your debit/credit card each month. This eliminates mailing payments and helps avoid late payments. Whether you’re home or away, this service keeps your payments on time. No fees. No checks. No postage.

With Auto Pay, members continue to receive a mailed monthly statement showing their kilowatt usage and the amount due. Automatic payments are processed on the due date. Enrollment in Auto Pay is confirmed when the statement “DRAFTED ON” (savings/checking payments) or “CHARGED ON” (credit card payments) displays on your electric bill.

Members can manage their payment preferences for Auto Pay on their own and can cancel anytime using SmartHUB®, Cloverland’s free online account management tool.

Updating or Adding Auto Pay

To update or add your banking information or credit card for auto-pay, you must update or add your information online using our free online account management tool, SmartHUB®.

If you have an existing SmartHUB account, log into SmartHUB® here and enter your email address and password. Go to the Billing & Payments menu tab and scroll to the Auto Pay Program to add, delete or edit your Auto Pay payment information.

If you do not currently have a SmartHUB® account, you must register to gain access to your auto-pay information. For new users, click here to gain access to SmartHUB®. You will need your account number and an email account to register. You will also be prompted to enter the last name of the account holder during the registration process and create a password. Once registration is confirmed, log into SmartHUB® and go to the Billing & Payments menu tab and scroll to the Auto Pay Program to add, delete or edit your Auto Pay payment information.

Credit Card Expired

Members using a credit card for auto-pay must add or update their card information using SmartHUB®, our free online account management tool, to comply with credit card data security standards. See directions above for updating your credit card information online.

Don’t have internet access? Auto Pay can still work for you!

If you do not have reliable or consistent access to the internet to sign-up online for auto-pay, we still have options available so you can take advantage of this popular payment option. Members can pay by checking or savings account which can be set-up in person at our office, over the phone or by mailing this form. However, credit card payments can only be added or updated online by the member.

Canceling Auto Pay

If you find Auto Pay no longer works for you, consider these tips before canceling:

If you find your due date is not convenient, please contact us for a possible billing cycle change which results in a change in due date. This service is free and available upon request.

Have you considered changing your payment options? Which is more convenient, paying by checking account, savings account or credit card? You can easily edit your options using SmartHUB®.

Members can remove themselves from Auto Pay at any time by using SmartHUB®, and selecting the Update or Cancel link on the Auto Pay Program screen found in the Billing & Payments menu tab.

If you are unable to access SmartHUB® or are have trouble cancelling or deleting old payment information using SmartHUB®, please call our office to request cancelation of Auto Pay. Canceling or removing credit card data from Auto-pay can also be completed upon request if you are unable to complete this task online.

If you have questions or concerns about Auto Pay or SmartHUB®, please call our Member Services team at 1-800-562-4953 so we may assist you.

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