Rates & Charges

Electric Rates, effective January 2017 (Updated June 2019 for Capacity Component)

Cloverland Electric Cooperative has maintained the same rates since 2017.

Residential (RES1)
Energy $.04330 per kwh
Energy-Capacity $.04819 per kwh 
Facility Charge  $23.75 per meter
Energy Optimization Surcharge $.00197 per kwh
General Service (GEN1 and GEN3)
Energy $.06658 per kwh
Energy-Capacity $.02917 per kwh
Facility Charge- single phase  (GEN1)  $25.60 per meter 
Facility Charge- three phase   (GEN3)  $40.60  per meter  
Energy Optimization Surcharge $3.37 per meter
Large Power (LP)
Energy  $.06872 per kwh
Energy-Capacity $.00824 per kwh
Large Power (LP) Demand $8.80 per kW
Monthly Facility Charge $110.00 per meter 
Monthly Energy Optimization Surcharge $183.99 per meter

  LPMO (Mining) and 900-Series (Large Power/Industrial) rates available upon request.

Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR)

The PSCR charge on your electric bill is a fuel-cost adjustment factor used by utilities to reconcile for fluctuations in purchased power costs. This charge can change monthly and may be a credit, charge or no charge, depending on power supply costs. The PSCR is billed per kwh used. Current month and prior month charges shown below. 

Month Charge Per Kwh
August 2020 ($0.00000)
September 2020 ($0.00000)

Supplemental Service Charges

The cooperative will assess special charges for services that are reasonable and necessary to discourage abuse, and to minimize subsidy of such services by other co-op members. The following charges shall apply where applicable. Regular working hours are defined as 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except for the following holidays; New Year’s Eve Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day.

Any special service at member’s request – outside working hours $200
Any special service at member’s request – during working hours $75
Meter test charge (includes meter reading) – field test required $75
Connections – outside working hours $200
Reconnect charge – outside working hours $200
Reconnect charge – during working hours $75
Disconnect for non-payment (DNP) field trip fee $75
Disconnect at pole – outside working hours $250
Disconnect at pole – during working hours $100
Non-sufficient funds charge $30
Deposit interest 1%
Unauthorized use of electricity penalty $1,000
Membership fee $5
Late payment penalty 2%
Transfer service-no service interruption $20


Cloverland Electric Cooperative is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

The Cloverland logo is copyright protected and not to be used without approval from Cloverland Electric Co-op.

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