New Rates in Effect

All 42,000 Cloverland services are now under the fair, simple and responsible rate plan as approved by the board of directors last October. The energy charge for kilowatts was reduced for all residential members to 9.149 cents per kilowatt hour. The facility charge increased to $23.75 per month. For a residential member using 1,000 kWh per month, this means a decrease of $11.03 per month for former legacy Cloverland members and an increase of $10.75 per month for former legacy Edison Sault customers. ESE customers had been heavily subsidized by the commercial and industrial customers since 1983. Under the current rate plan, all residential members pay the same rate, all non-residential and large power members pay the same rate within their rate class. More information and a rate calculator is available under the Quick Link section of this website.

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