Cloverland Announces Board Candidates

Cloverland Electric Cooperative has seven members running for the three board seats in 2017.   The ballots will be mailed in May. For nearly 80 years, Cloverland members have had the responsibility to vote for a member to represent them on the board of directors. Three of the nine seats are up for election each year.

District A candidates are: Dane Kuusinen, DeTour Village; William C. LaLonde, St. Ignace; and Gerald Nettleton, DeTour Village.

District B candidates are: Linda Hoath, Sault Ste. Marie and John Sawruk, Sault Ste. Marie.

District C candidates are:  Virgil Monroe, Manistique and Allan Ott, Manistique.

Members will receive a ballot in the mail the first week of May and have until May 31 to return the marked ballot in the provided envelope to the counting firm in Minnesota. Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting of Members on June 8 at the Dafter Township Hall. More information will be presented in the May issue of Cloverland Connections Magazine received by members the first week of May.

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