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2018 Annual Meeting on June 7

Make plans now to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting of Members on June 7, 7 p.m. at the Dafter Township Hall. Members will receive updates from various departments within the company; have the opportunity to vote on a bylaw change in the director’s qualifications; meet the three winners of the Power in Excellence Scholarship and… Continue Reading

Cloverland Announces Board Candidates

Cloverland Electric Cooperative has eleven members running for the three board seats in 2018. The ballots will be mailed in May. For 80 years, Cloverland members have had the responsibility to vote for a member to represent them on the board of directors. Three of the nine seats are up for election each year. District… Continue Reading

*** SCAM ALERT ***

(2/28 @ 3:05 p.m.) Cloverland is receiving calls that phone scammers are at it again calling members and threatening to disconnect the power by noon if they do not pay up immediately. This is a scam. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO THE CALLER. Please notify your employees, friends and neighbors that this scam… Continue Reading

Cloverland Receives Refund: Still Facing Potential Costs

Cloverland Electric has received word that it will receive a refund of approximately $550,000 of the $20 million that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) recently determined that Wisconsin Energy over collected in operating the Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette. Cloverland has been protesting the costs since 2014 when it was announced that upper… Continue Reading